About / Disclaimer

This blog is run by Holly & Summer, bilingual British twins residing in north London. Performing Arts graduates, we've studied Film & Theater and are very passionate about the visual arts. We are self-taught photographers and The Twins Wardrobe is a personal style and lifestyle blog. We talk about fashion, travel, pop culture, film & television.

Our early blog pictures were taken on a Sony Cybershot DSC, followed by a Nikon D5100, and we currently use the Canon EOS 700D with a 50mm lens. All 35mm film posts were taken on a Canon A1, unless stated otherwise in the post!


The Twins' Wardrobe occasionally works with brands and companies, reviewing or promoting items that were sent to us. We only accept products/items that fit our personal style, and every thought and opinion shared on this platform and our other social media handles are our own.

Collaborations will always be stated within the blog post, and sponsored content will always bear a #SP or #ad tag. We also use affiliate links.

Please don't hesitate to contact us via email or social media if you have any questions!

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