27 December 2017

One Moment in Time - part I

Who would have thought that the simple act of watching the crushing waves in utter silence would feel so meaningful? I remember feeling slightly on edge as we set out of the hostel, a party was coming up that evening, and I didn't really want to go.

We rushed out after dinner to catch the sunset, and I'm so very glad that we did. Despite the chaotic waves which drowned out all other sound, it was such a peaceful moment. My mind relaxed a little, and I was overcome with the desire to run and dance along the black sand shore. It was freezing, but I told Summer that I wanted a picture of me without my coat - without my security blanket. I wanted the photograph to show me.

We had the entire beach to ourselves. The others had rather not heard our host say the time which the sun would set at, or they were simply comfortable socialising in the busy dinner hall. We watched, listened, ran, took pictures, all to the sound of nature. We were shouting to each-other over the deafening waves. Why did this moment feel so important? Significant? I suppose it's the result of a lack of anything industry related, and the knowledge that we were somewhere our bodies had never been before. We were truly exploring, experiencing a raw part of the world which was so far from home.

There was no sign of human presence anywhere but for the footprints we left behind.

Holly x

Holly shot on a Canon A1 film camera - Mahinapua, New Zealand.
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