2 December 2017

London on 35mm film

Hello all! Here's a little break from the excess of travel pictures, hopefully you aren't too tired of seeing mountains, lakes and trees just yet! As I type this, it's the 28th of November and 2 days ago we officially flew home to France, marking the end of our backpacking journey. Needless to say it's been quite the experience, and one difficult to process and share through words. Travelling is the most rewarding experience money can buy you. I was very fortunate to be in a situation where I could work for a year & save up for this trip, and all the hard work paid off. It's always bittersweet coming home, after working for a year for only 6-7 weeks of travel. Those weeks didn't seem to flash by at the time, but now I'm home I realize just how quickly time has flown by!

Ok, enough of our trip. (But seriously - I hope that whoever has been reading our little blog has enjoyed the travel content!) These film pictures were taken in London & at home a few weeks before we left for Vancouver. We were trying out our new wide angle lens on our Canon A1 film camera, a bargain find on Ebay by Holly! I'm so relieved with the results, as the majority of film pictures I took when travelling were with this lens, so hopefully they'll turn out ok!

My plan for 2018 is to return to London. I will be back. No doubt about it. After all the cities I have been to, none have come close to London. If anything, this trip has shown me just how much I love it there. From the wondrous museums to the little cafes outside of Covent Garden - just the feel I get when walking through it's streets.

I'm hoping to invest in another film camera at some point next year. I love our Canon A1, but I'd love to try out some other film cameras too. Shooting on manual in film makes photography a lot more rewarding, I've fallen into the bad habit of shooting on automatic on our DLSR again (I know, the shame - I will get back to shooting on manual on there too!) but as one of my goals is to work harder on my photography next year - from the shooting to the editing - I'm hoping I feel better about my work again.
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