2 July 2013

An afternoon in Poitiers

Hotel de Ville - Centre de Poitiers

Today was quite an exciting day for Holly & I : we finally picked up the keys for our first ever apartment! Our good friend Kate came with us, and we spent the afternoon checking out our future home town.
We plan on studying in one of France's oldest cities : Poitiers. Poitiers has a very rich history and culture : situated in the S-W France, two major military battlements took place around the area, and the architecture reflects the great history and heritage of medieval France. Our university is situated in the center and we were lucky enough to get an apartment there!  It is a great place to take photos, so hopefully from September on-wards we will be posting more often! We were in a bit of a rush today so we only managed to take a couple of pictures, outfit wise we went for comfort as we did a lot of walking. I decided to wear some comfy patterned trousers from Zara with a simple black top, and Holly wore a light H&M patterned top with a high waisted black skirt from Top Shop.

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