19 July 2017

REVIEW: Disco Pigs starring Evanna Lynch and Colin Campbell

Title: Disco Pigs
Playwright: Enda Walsh (1997)
Directed by: John Haidar
Theatre: Trafalgar Studios - Studio 2
Running time: 75 mins, no interval
Cast: starring Colin Campbell as Pig and Evanna Lynch as Runt.

*I do not own any of these images* 

I seized the opportunity to grab tickets for this play - at only £15, how could I not?
I was really excited to see Evanna Lynch perform live - as a fan of her work as the dreamy Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter, and an admirer of her outspoken love for Veganism and animal welfare on her Instagram, it felt silly not to go. This review will not however be based on her performance alone, but on the production and play as a whole. Enjoy!


17 July 2017

The Manor at Hemingford Grey in 35mm film

These pictures were taken at The Manor, a house in the village of Hemingford Grey near Cambridge a couple of weeks ago. The Manor was first built in the 1130's, and it remains one of Britain's oldest continuously inhabited houses.


14 July 2017

Graphic Tee & Midi Pleated Skirt

Summer in the city. In every sense of the word. After work I hurried off to London to meet up with some friends in Shoreditch, I needed an outfit that would easily take me from the office day to evening social wear. I decided to dress up a little, wearing this Zara midi pleated skirt at work (a far cry from my usual plain black jeans or culottes) and changed in to this white graphic top before hopping on to the train. I have a new-found love for tees lately, as I mentioned in my previous ootd post I previously overlooked the importance of having basic tees in my wardrobe. 

12 July 2017

REVIEW: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man : Homecoming
Directed by Jon Watts
Music by Michael Giacchino
UK release date: July 7th 2017

*I do not own any of these images*

This review contains minor spoilers!

I thought I'd start off this review with a bit more of a personal touch - because the story of Spider-Man has been retold so many times in our generation, I think it's important to discuss the issues & concerns this raises. (& I'm a huge fan, Spider-Man is my brother's favourite superhero & I've always had a soft spot for Peter Parker) Most of you like myself probably grew up watching Tobey Maguire in the 2000's as the iconic superhero Peter Parker, and then in my teens saw a darker reboot with Andrew Garfield doning the red & blue suit. Soon after the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 2014, it emerged that Marvel Studios (who own the rights to the Iron Man, Thor, Captain America films) bought the rights off Sony. Marvel Studios wasted no time in incorporating Peter Parker into the 'Avengers World', by introducing him in Captain America: Civil War. I for one was over the moon with this news - the Sony reboot with Andrew Garfield sadly didn't take off, and the idea of re-introducing Peter Parker within the very well established Marvel Cinematic Universe along with Tony Stark & Steve Rogers seemed too good to be true. And yet, in the first trailer for CA:CW, we see Spider Man swing in on The Avengers & disarm Captain America of his shield. I was literally on cloud nine at this point, and I believe most of the internet was freaking-out-happy-crying along with me.

So, with the origin of Spider-Man so widely known, how did Marvel Studios approach Peter Parker with a captivating plot, that wouldn't be a simple re-telling of franchises preceding it? They showed their intentions from the off-set: we were going to witness Peter Parker eventually become an Avenger. They introduced him in Civil War, every Spider-Man : Homecoming poster featured the Avengers tower in the back-ground, and of course Tony Stark/Iron Man was heavily featured in the trailer & posters. This telling of Spider-Man is very different from what we've seen before.

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