I always dress up when going to London. You would never catch me wearing this on a 7.30 am Monday commute, that's for sure! I think it's because I wear more casual and laid-back clothes for work, and so whenever I go out I feel the need to make more of an effort with my appearance. Wear contact lenses, maybe some eyeliner, brush my hair...(just kidding - I haven't owned a hair brush in about 8 years now.) This isn't the only reason though. Getting ready can be fun, especially when you have a little extra time in the AM. Putting some music on, trying out different outfit variations, and actually enjoy putting makeup on instead of rushing like a lunatic. As you can imagine, my 'work self' looks a little different from 'blog self'.

We decided to have a wander around Spitalfields Market one Sunday morning. It's worth going there for the food alone - stalls, restaurants, cafes - foods from all over the world, and it smells so good. After wandering around for a while we tried to find a quiet spot for some pictures, and came across this tiny alley literally across the street from the main market building.

I've had this outfit in mind for a while now - I love the contrast between the midi skirt pleats and the tweed coat. This midi skirt definitely makes any outfit feel dressed up, it was a little pricey but definitely worth it as we've worn it a lot recently, and Zara now have a burgundy version which I may just have to invest in at some point!

These past few week-ends have been quite busy for Holly & I. I've found myself in my pjs at 7pm most nights (please reassure me that I'm not the only one who gets changed the moment I step home from work), ready to watch The Crown and then just sleep. The introvert within me is a little tired from all the socialising, but I've had some wonderful moments with friends and family so the dark circles etc are definitely worth it.

 Summer wears:

Zara longline tweed coat
Zara midi pleated green skirt
Zara high heel ankle boots
Zara city bag
Mango thin jumper
Stradivarius belt

If you've been following us for a while, you might have noticed that Summer & I tend to shoot items we've worn several times over and over again. I know that many fashion bloggers who follow the latest trends tend to share outfits focused on the season's new favorite piece, or only share outfits they've never worn before. Summer & I consider ourselves part fashion blogger part personal style blogger, incorporating the latest fashion pieces we like into our personal styles. But even that is quite rare. I've come to notice that I barely follow the latest trends at all, instead focusing my attention on individual pieces that just catch my eye, whether they're considered this season's 'trend' or not. And those are the pieces that I wear regularly for a couple of years (at least!). Plus, how difficult is it to always come up with brand new outfits for every single post? I can't afford to splurge vast amounts of money on new clothes every. single. month. (I can't afford it, but mistakes do happen).

I think there is a bit of pressure on bloggers today to share new pieces/outfits. If I'm shooting an outfit I know I've worn before or that's similar to something I previously posted, I get worried no-one is going to enjoy the post or even bother reading it. 

All of these factors just fuel my creativity- Don't have any new pieces to shoot? Think about how you can make something new with what you already have. Take it as a challenge. Mix things up a bit: different lipstick, hair, swap flats for heels, throw pieces together even if you think they will clash. Experiment with staple pieces: take your fave pair of jeans or skirt and play around with it. Try it with a t-shirt, then a blouse, then a jumper- How can you change the look of those jeans? Tuck in the shirt, put on a belt, add some jewelry... There are so many little changes you can make to an outfit to alter the style, and in turn create something entirely new.

Summer and I have worn both the blouse and the faux-leather skirt SO many times before. We've had the skirt for years now and we still wear it regularly because we love it that much. I consider both pieces 'staple items', so I've never actually paired them together before. I was pleasantly surprised with the result, I feel like the outfit really expresses my excitement for spring! The dusty pink tones work really well against the darker hunter green shade of the skirt. 

Do you avoid shooting outfits when you don't have any new pieces? Do you follow the season's trends? Would love to know your thoughts about this!

Have a lovely week-end! 

Holly x

Holly is wearing: 

Dusty pink floral bodysuit: Zara
A-line faux-leather skirt: Zara
convertible back-pack: Zara
Masculine coat: Zara (link here)
Shoes: Vagabond

The Red Lip. Often described as bold, daring, classic... Each of us has heard of the power of red lipstick, the scary moment before you apply it for the 1st time yet the confidence boost it offers once it's on. Growing up, I always used to try various lipsticks, smiling and laughing at myself in the bathroom mirror, an 8 year old playing dress up with her Mum's makeup. Lipstick was such an adult thing. Yet as my teenage years came along, I never bought lipstick. If you look through our archives, you'll see that we didn't start wearing it on a daily basis until 2 or 3 years ago. So why the wait?

After *puberty*, my round face lengthened, my cheekbones became sharper but I soon realized that I had an extremely asymmetrical face compared to my twin. One side of my face has a much stronger jaw line compared to the other, and a rather irritating deviated septum with a bulbous tip, which results in a wonky cupid's bow and lips that are far from symmetrical. After years of googling plastic surgery before and after pictures. I accepted my face for the way it is and don't get me wrong, I'm pretty happy with the way I look today. In pictures, I'm always looking the side, because we all have a preferred 'good side', right?

Back to the lipstick. For so long I thought lipstick wouldn't suit me because of the wonky shape of my lips, worried that I couldn't pull it off because I didn't have the 'perfect pout'. But, in the past few years, I've learnt to embrace it and, to be blunt, not give a crap about it anymore.

That being said, I've learnt a few make up tricks over the years: ensuring my eyebrows frame my face and balance out my features (which makes a pretty big difference) and lining my top lips to even the shape out a little!

I love this lipstick and I'm so happy (and proud of myself!) that I finally bought one. After weeks of wondering which shade and brand to buy, I decided to give the Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick a try!

I've had this outfit in mind for a while now - my very tight fitting jeans for Asos, paired with this H&M blazer and a Topshop polka dot blouse. I don't often mix prints, but since the polka dots on the blouse are quite small I didn't think the end result was too much of a shock to the eyes. I've seen tons of outfit variations with this blazer that I was a little apprehensive about this look at first, I'm always worried I unintentionally copy another bloggers outfit! I borrowed Holly's bag and heeled ankle boots which I've been wearing a lot recently, they haven't rubbed at all which is always a bonus as most shoes really rub my bony feet for months. 

What are your thoughts on red lipstick, have you tried it yet? 
Summer x

Summer wears:

H&M double breasted jacket/blazer
Topshop ditsy spot frill tie top 
Asos high waist ripped jeans
Stradivarius belt
Zara bag & boots

No, I didn't forget to tuck in half my blouse thankyou-very-much. Seriously though, does it look silly? Does it work? Can I pull it off? Hmpf, some things seem like a good idea at the time. One thing I know for sure is that this is one lovely blouse. I bought it in Zara last year, the oversize fit makes it perfect to wear with low-rise skinnies, but the material is thin enough to easily tuck into high-waisted pieces. On top of that, I love how the material just falls into place. The only way I can explain it is that it feels slightly 'heavy', and it feels so nice on. 

We shot these pictures in the front yard (again), as we couldn't find a suitable spot nearby which was well shaded from the sun (direct sunlight makes outfit shooting really tricky, and doesn't always work)-AH the joy of shooting outfit pictures in the winter months. One of our biggest challenges on this blog is shooting content in different locations. We try our best to move around and shoot in aesthetically pleasing areas, but it's not easy when it's freezing out and you're trying to avoid spending money on public transport. 

Personally, I prefer to shoot somewhere with a large, preferably white backdrop, not somewhere 'busy' with lots of things going on in the background. Shooting in parks can be difficult when you don't want tons of green. Shooting in the street can be difficult when you want to avoid cars, street signs, bins etc etc etc. Each location has it's challenges, and sometimes you've just got to get creative and make the best out of a not-so-great situation. Since we got our new lens however I feel like our pictures have improved ten-fold, as the background is slightly blurred and the main focus is on the outfit, so we don't have to worry too much about the backdrop.

All that being said, how important do you think the picture backdrop is? Is it something that you find can distract from the outfit or do you not really pay attention to it? I'm genuinely interested in what people have to say about this topic because I'm sure we're not the only fashion bloggers who struggle to find locations- but maybe we're just overthinking it? 

In other news, I cannot wait for spring, for flowers to bloom, for longer days and lighter jackets! I've also finished binge-watching WestWorld and Peaky Blinders (that cast is bloody brilliant)- now I'm considering watching season 2 of Black Mirror, but I think something more light-hearted is needed right now!
Hope you're all having a good week!

Holly x

Instagram: hollyxread

Holly is wearing: 

Grey oversize blouse: Zara
Denim skirt: Topshop
masculine coat: Zara (link here)
lace up shoes: Zara
convertible backpack: Zara
silver earrings: And Other Stories

It's incredible how despite visiting central London on an almost weekly basis, an iconic landscape can still take my breath away and fill me with excitement. When we exited the Monument tube station and found the Thames pathway, we were met with a rather beautiful view of the Tower Bridge, enhanced by the lovely clear sky that morning.

 The wind soon picked up when we reached the pathway, my long coat swinging dramatically behind me and my hair flying in every direction. All this sounds pretty cool until you try and take pictures, most of them resulted in rather unattractive facial expressions! Let's take a moment to appreciate Holly's photography skills, I'm so incredible happy with all of our recent blog posts - our new lens has allowed us to really up our game and enhance our overall blog 'look'.

I was initially wearing my large grey scarf with this outfit which matched the colour of my houndstooth print culottes, but with the wind it was a little tricky to capture it. I'm still on a self-imposed clothes spending ban, I'm actually trying to clear some of my wardrobe out at the moment as there are so many things that I simply haven't worn in months! For now I'm quite content with the pieces I have, which include this trench coat that my Mum got me as an early birthday present and Holly's boots which I managed to walk in for (most) of the day! What do you guys think of this outfit? Let me know!
Summer x

Summer wears:

Zara oversize long trench coat
Zara houndstooth print culottes
Zara convertible back pack bag
Zara high heel ankle boots
Stradivarius jumper
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