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Riverdale, a seemingly normal small town. Until a teenage boy goes missing, and secrets begin to unravel. A crime drama, the show follows Archie and his group of friends as they become involved in this unforseen event.

Although this series is based on the popular Archie comics, this review will solely focus on the Netflix+CW adaption.

At first glance, Riverdale appears to be your typical teen-angst-high-school-drama. You have the jock, Archie, the 'girl next door' Betty, the most popular girl in school & head cheerleader Cheryl, the 'new girl' in town Veronica, Josie the take-no-crap singerthe gay best-friend Kevin, and of course the outcast, Jughead. The first episode is abundant in these clichés, making you wonder whether the whole show will be just another cringey american teen high school drama. However, it doesn't take the show long to rid itself of this expectation: it soon delves into something a lot more touching and real.
Despite the differences between the characters, they all come together for no other reason than that they like each-other. This rejection of the typical 'school squad' immediately captures the audience's attention: it allows the show to delve into the character's backstories and personalities rather than explore the too-well-known social school hierarchy plot. 

The show is founded on family: family history, family expectations & legacies. It's about the parents relationships with their kids, and how the kids perceive them in turn. We see the characters learn some ugly truths about their parents, being disappointed in them - and how they deal and overcome it. The family aspect in the show is crucial to the characters' life at high-school. Their place at home usually plays into their social position & behavior there: some whom are put under a lot of pressure at home tend to channel this frustration into their school life. Seeing the characters interactions with their families allows us to see past their high-school façade into their vulnerable and personal side, especially with Cheryl. Legacy is also a significant topic in this show. The parents who want their kids to follow in their footsteps and yet the kids who want to walk their own path or fix their parents' wrongs. The parents' past comes to haunt the characters' present, their past actions still creating ripples in their children's time.

This exploration of young teenagers' struggles sends a positive message to the younger generation who watches the show: it sends the message that they are not alone: whether they come from a broken home or are experiencing family-related issues. The characters rely on both their inner strength and the support of their friends to overcome their troubles, which ultimately encourages socializing and speaking out to those closest to them.

The strength of the show is the characters and the friendship between them. Few shows seem to grasp the platonic and genuine feel of friendship groups. One of my favourite shots for instance, is Jughead & Archie in Archie's room, playing video games & just chilling. A short scene that just feels real. Or when they both walk through the front door, laughing - little moments that generate this notion that these two are real friends and not just two actors walking into a scene. It's a pat-on-the-back to the writers who know how to deliver a more realistic and genuine feel to a show - little mundane moments that are so often neglected in film & television. It was also refreshing to see such a positive depiction of friendship in this show - honesty, expressing their feelings and doubts to each other, no judgement or lingering drama - a realistic and above all healthy friendship between all. (there is a little back-stabbing towards the final episodes, albeit for good reason) It was also refreshing to see that despite their different backgrounds, whether it be in terms of wealth or social hierarchy - it had no effects on their friendship. The nicknames were particularly heart-warming too.

Riverdale also illustrates teenage characters who are mature, intelligent and driven - it didn't feel like a show that was aiming solely towards a young audience, but towards young adults too.
Overall, Riverdale is a highly enjoyable, binge-worthy show that will make you fall in love with some wonderful characters. The cinematography is beautiful, with dreamy lighting & sets like Pop's that are incredibly aesthetically pleasing. The standard of writing remains strong throughout the season, intertwined with incredible heart-wrenching acting moments by all (Cole Sprouse in particular).

Season One sets the table for the next season, with little hints and narratives that will undoubtedly be developed into something bigger. Overall, a quality, highly enjoyable binge-worthy show that you'll obsess over.

SPOILERS AHEAD - Season 2 thoughts

First of all, we have the inner darkness - Betty's inner darkness: something we will no doubt see if/when something/one pushes her over the edge. And of course, Juggie's: his Dad who warned his friends that he'll try to push them away - and that finale scene when he dons that jacket, suggesting that he could be led down an ugly path.
As someone who seems to have lived a difficult life since his family broke apart, to suddenly have a group of his father's loyal friends present themselves to him with an unconditional offer of belonging (albeit not a good environment, especially for a damaged teenage boy) is understandably an alluring idea for Jughead. This is a man welcoming him into a family, a safety he no doubt has craved for a long time. The last shot of Jughead's slightly surprised expression at Betty's quiet plea for him to stay is enough to keep audiences wondering what will happen next season. Will Juggie lose the hat and wear the jacket? Or will he accept that this is not the best direction for him to go in? In that moment, he has to chose between a possible family and home, or his first love.

The final scene sets the tone for the next season: their safe place, Pop's, now tainted with a tragic event that will have lasting effects in the episodes to come. How will this impact the group, who at this moment, are all set to face huge changes in their lives? The violence in Pop's could signify the rocky future for the friendship group, whose time together is the only escape from their troubling family-related present.

 I'd also like to mention the amazing diverse casting: each actor is so talented and brings something different to the show, but for me the female characters, who are each so very different from each-other, are so captivating. We also have women in positions of power, and boys who show their emotions. Thankyou writers!

Although the show is so incredibly far-fetched from real life (remember we are British and grew up in rural France, so any US high-school story is like a completely different world for us), with the brutal honesty and very dramatic story-lines, the essence of Riverdale, being the platonic friendships, is what is so very enjoyable. We all have memories of our teenage years spent with friends, the sense of belonging and freedom, a notion that is so perfectly delivered in Riverdale.

Have you watched this show yet? Who are your favorite characters? What do you hope for in season 2? We always love reading comments and we'd love to hear your thoughts!

Holly & Summer x

I feel utterly lost writing this post. I can't seem to string together one sentence around a mildly exciting topic. I see tons of bloggers captivating their audiences by writing wonderful articles week in week out on various subjects. Today I'm just going to be blatantly honest and offer you guys an update on my life, and talk about things I'm enjoying at the moment - whether you find it interesting or not. Can't I just write a simple, light article for once?

So, first things first: Summer and I binged the entire season of Riverdale in less than 4 days.

That's right - a much needed binge on Netflix caused several days of strong fatigue and disorientation, moments of complete absent-mindedness, and some Instagram creeping. We'll be writing a review soon on the 1st season of Riverdale: at first glance, a typically american-high-school-drama-with-teenage-angst, which develops into something quite wonderful. We all need a bit of escape, right? 

Fiction has always provided that escapism for me - I can always go out and about and get lost in the historical streets of London, but personally, I find my peace in the cinematic realm. What is it that draws me in? Perhaps the intrigue of new characters and human interactions, or the romanticized drama that I can't help but enjoy? Watching experiences and moments from a life that is not my own?The introduction of Netflix has opened up a whole new level of enjoyment. For introverts like myself it's both a blessing and a curse: but balance it right, and a binge can do some real good.

Besides our thorough enjoyment of the new show - Summer and I are finalising our end of year plans. Some huge changes and life-changing experiences. Excited is an understatement!

So there you have it - For those of you who stayed on till the end, I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts about my current state of mind. Happy Thursday!

Holly x

Holly is wearing: 

Faux-suede jacket: Zara
high-wasited plain black skirt: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Polka-Dot blouse: Topshop

All make-up is cruelty-free: 

Skin: foundation and powder by Charlotte Tilbury
Eyes: Eye shadow by Nars, mascara by Smashbox
Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly hills brow wiz
Cheeks: Nars
Lips: Kat Von D liquid lipstick in shade 'Double Dare'

Ensuring I have enough content to see the blog through the week is tough. Any blogger knows this. I spend a lot of time on it, whether it's shooting outfits on week-ends and editing them in the week after work, followed by writing and scheduling, not to mention keeping up with my favourite blogs - it takes up most of my time. So when week-ends roll around, I try to make the most of my days. That usually means going up to London for the day, to explore, to shop, to wander around museums, to shoot pictures. Yet every other week-end, I realize that I don't have to go out every single day that I have 'free'. Why can't I accept that sometimes it's ok to just do nothing? Sit back, relax, eat some food and watch some television? Stay in my pajamas, listen to some film soundtracks and browse tumblr? It's amazing how we can end up feeling so guilty when we don't do anything 'productive'.

With that being said, we need to remember that sometimes we need days to recharge. To take care of ourselves, whether that be getting some extra hours sleep in the morning or spending a few hours reading. As much as I enjoy going to London every other week-end, I've noticed that my body is in need of some TLC lately. Things that made me feel self-conscious as a teen have made a very unwelcome come-back. Yet, a Sunday lie in and a few cups of tea and some chill time - and I look and feel like myself again. 

With all that aside, I had a pretty good week-end when these pictures were taken. I only wish the weather had been a little nicer - I can't believe I'm wearing a jumper at this time of the year!
I thought I'd wear these trousers again for a day out exploring Knightsbridge. I love this outfit because it's so relaxed - the paisley print black silky trousers, which need a little adjusting around the waist - are soft and comfortable to walk around it all day. This cropped knit jumper that I borrowed from Holly is pretty cozy and of course my beloved Vagabond ankle boots. I love the contrast between the two fabrics - the silkiness of the trousers vs the rougher texture of the jumper. We also saw Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 in IMAX this week-end, which I really enjoyed and wrote a review on! x

Summer x

Summer wears:
Zara paisley print cropped trousers
& Other stories cropped black jumper (similar here)
Vagabond Marja ankle boot
Zara convertible backpack

Prague, Day 2. Crossing Charles Bridge into Old Town. A day of heavy rain and chilly wind, yet filled with more adventure and discovery. Moments where we were utterly lost, bickering, having absolutely no idea where we were going, hoping to find street signs directing us to our preferred location. Let's be honest, no adventure is complete without at least one moment of "I don't KNOW WHERE WE ARE". But it was so much fun. Every minute of it - even with that rain. 

The city was busy with tourists, though nothing overwhelming. The walk over Charles Bridge was quite something: to admire the Castle atop the hill behind you, and the beautiful colourfull houses lining the side of the river facing you. 

Then there was the historical Old Town square. The Astronomical Clock and the Old Town Hall, the Gothic Church of Our Lady Before Týn, the Baroque St Nicolas Church - such fine works of architecture, absolutely stunning buildings that you can't take your eyes off. 

With our newly purchased tickets, we climbed the many steps inside the Astronimical Tower and found ourselves above the whole square, gazing upon the hundreds of multi-coloured umbrellas dancing around below.

This is our final film pictures post from Prague. I love shooting in film more than anything, and we were so pleased with the outcome of these pictures. Our only regret being, as always, that we didn't shoot more.

Holly x

 Hello everyone!

We have an exciting post for you today!
This post was created in collaboration with the monthly Fashionkarussell 'Fashion Carousel': Summer & I recently joined a group of bloggers who, every month, create an outfit based on a common theme. Each blogger then shares their outfit, and includes all the links to the fellow bloggers in their post. This is a great opportunity for our audiences to discover new blogs!

The theme of this fashionkarussell is 'favourite spring trends' - I don't always follow trends, I usually just pick up what I like, and wear it over and over again, whatever the season. However I've quite fallen in love the recent printed trousers trend: cropped trousers, flared trousers, loose high-waisted trousers: we're finally moving from skinny jeans and leggings towards colourful, structured pieces. 

Spring is always tricky: the weather is warmer but still pretty miserable: you're ready to ditch the winter coat but you can't quite go out without tights. Loose trousers are slowly becoming my favorite staple piece: floral print (groundbreaking, I know) has always been a favourite of mine - I tend to wear it all through-out the year in different shades depending on the month, but I've not once had floral print trousers before.

These floral print trousers from Topshop caught my eye straight away -  I picked them up and tried them on, and hastily gave them back once I saw the price tag. Luckily enough, I still had my Topshop birthday discount code: so I ordered them online the next day. I'm really pleased I did - The material is very flattering, and the contrast between the grey and dusty pink + delicate orange is very soft: nothing too overpowering, yet an interesting print which stands out.

 We took these pictures inside the V&A Museum here in London - one of my favorite places in the world! Although it was busy and very windy, we still managed to take these shots in the courtyard. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this outfit! Let me know what your fave spring trends are too, do you avoid florals?

All my make-up is cruelty-free: Charlotte Tilbury Foundation + Powder, Smashbox mascara, Nars eyeshadow + blusher, Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz, Kat Von D liquid lipstick in 'Double Dare'.

Holly is wearing: 

wide leg printed trousers: Topshop (here)
Black top: Mango
Lace up shoes: Zara
Masculine coat: Zara
Faux-leather rucksack: Zara

You can check out how the other girls worked the 'favorite spring trend' theme through the links below! Thankyou lovelies for this opportunity!

Holly x

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