13 December 2017

Dressing up a little in Poitiers

Do you recognize this backdrop? The beautiful Romanesque / early Gothic style Saint-Pierre Cathedral in Poitiers. The backdrop of many of our previous blog pictures several years ago, when we lived & studied in this historically rich town. We lived 5 minutes away from here, in a lovely old 2 bedroom apartment in the town centre, complete with high ceilings, old wooden floors and huge windows. On our uni-free days, we would walk to this area and shoot our outfit pictures for a while, before making our way back up the narrow street to the town centre. There, one of us would stop at La Mie Caline to buy some cookies & an almond croissant, while the other crossed the open square to our apartment. They would then put the kettle on, and together we sat down with our tea and pastries: I would then spend the late afternoon editing the pictures and listening to soundtrack music.


11 December 2017

NZ Travel Diary: A Trip to Milford Sound

We drove out of Queenstown before 9am, and the long journey that followed was so rich with natural beauty, I couldn't bring myself to take my gaze away from the window for even a second.
It was a long drive to Milford Sound, about 5-6 hours passing through mountains, valleys and even a Lord of the Rings filming location - and with several stops along the way, there was plenty to admire before we even reached the fjord.


8 December 2017

NZ travel diaries: On top of Queenstown Hill

We had planned on doing several hikes during our time in Queenstown, but due to the poor weather conditions we only ended up doing one: the hike up Queenstown Hill.
It was a short hike, only about 45mins to 1 hour until we reached the top, but it was probably one of the most difficult ones we have done during our 2 month trip, due to the steep nature of the landscape. We were sweating and panting 30 minutes in, our hearts thumping so hard we thought they would burst! Despite having conquered the Tongariro Alpine crossing in awful weather conditions just a month before, this hike left us weak and tired, but it was all worth it. We were awe-struck when we reached the top: Queenstown was laid before us, encircled by rows of extraordinary mountains.


6 December 2017

Les Vacances & feeling overwhelmed by the blogosphere

Oh how I miss outfit posts. I haven't been able to take any satisfying outfit pictures over the past 2-3 months. During our trip I only had a very limited amount of 'backpacking' clothes, and now that I'm back home I finder it harder than ever to dive back in. Despite shooting outfits on a regular this since 2013, I always find it a little daunting going back in to it after a little break, and this is by far the longest outfit-picture-break I've ever taken. The blog content over the past few months has consisted mainly of travel posts, but I've always noticed our outfit ones always tend to get more pageviews (not that I post articles for the views, but it's always interesting to see what your audience enjoys reading!). I have my clothes and my camera, so why is this so difficult? The answer: I'm simply overwhelmed by the blogosphere.

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