17 August 2017

Blue Midi Polka Dot Skirt

A white tee and a blue polka dot midi skirt,  a casual, laid-back summer look. For a moment I felt like someone in a Nouvelle Vague era film, before reminding myself that I am currently in London and not Paris, the French Riviera or countryside. I had had my eyes on this skirt for a while. After constantly checking the & Other Stories website to see if the black version was back in stock, it soon disappeared, leaving me to purchase the next best thing. The blue polka dot skirt is so different from everything else I own, a statement yet understated piece. I was a little apprehensive about the ensemble, due in part to my body shape which may result in a little frumpy-ness from certain angles. Nevertheless, I wore these pieces anyway and I'm pretty happy with the result.

The polka dot midi skirt fits surprisingly well around the waist, and the slight a-line fit means it flows effortlessly over my hips and thighs. It was pricey, but the fabric and the fact it's double-lined makes it a good investment piece that can be worn all year round. The white tee, despite being a little, er, booby, is 100% cotton. I bought it because of the neckline and sleeve length, the perfect shape that doesn't remind me of school gym clothes.

14 August 2017

Double Denim - Levi's 90s baggy jeans

Good morning everyone!

Double denim today - yes, you read that right, the dodgy, risky, questionable double denim look. I was one of those people who looked at double denim outfits with outright disapproval for so long and yet, here I am. Running around central London in an old-school outfit. What changed? I seem to be balancing between the girly/preppy girl and the relaxed tomboy at the moment, often opting for a more casual look when I'm out and about.

The denim jacket definitely has a part to play in this transition. The Stranger Things inspired piece totally shifted my wardrobe (it's featured in almost all my previous outfit posts), allowing me to style old pieces in a completely different way.


10 August 2017

Blue Stripes & Button Up Raw Hem Jeans

Blue striped tee, with a touch of red & a little embroidery. The perfect marinière. I ended up buying the same cotton tee in red stripes, and a long sleeve version too. At 100% cotton, this top fits beautifully: no tightness under the arms, the perfect length so you can tuck it in all things high waisted. & Other Stories have a great selection of basic cotton tees at the moment, plain or graphic. I've been paying more attention to the materials of the clothes I buy now, it's makes such a difference in terms of washing & how often you can wear a piece before it starts to lose it's shape. (Beware - this top shrunk after being put in the dryer. Still sad about it) I've been slowly but surely building up my 'capsule' wardrobe for travelling, which includes many tees like this one, a small selection of jeans and some oversize jumpers. I'm nowhere near ready for this trip, I need to purchase a rain coat and some fitness wear too, not to mention socks, contact lenses and a 65L back-pack that will carry all of the above. 

7 August 2017

Jeans & Tees on someone who hates wearing Jeans & Tees

My oh my do I HATE wearing jeans and tees. I recently ripped my only remaining pair of skinnies by glamorously squatting into them after they had just been washed. The loud sound of the devastating rip at 6am was both painful and hilarious. But it also lifted my spirits a little. Now I have no excuse! No more skinny jeans! No more discomfort and anxiety! Of course the weeks that followed saw me struggle to find appropriate wear for work - with my last pair of black jeans somewhere deep in the recycling bin at a H&M store, I found myself depending on my black culottes. Which are fine, for work. But now what about chilly evenings (who am I kidding - cold summer days) in London? With a 4 month trip soon approaching, I was in need of some new basics to build up a capsule wardrobe. & yes, it was time to once again, face the jeans.

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